*** reinhard has joined #gnuenterprise *** btami has joined #gnuenterprise good morning good morning good morning i have changes for UIgtk2.py but need some help/test first the change is about setting charset for html frame in navigator i did that just like def __loadDocument (self, contenttype, stream): ... stream = ''' title %s

''' % stream self.document.clear () *** johannesV has joined #gnuenterprise self.document.open_stream (contenttype) self.document.write_stream (stream) setting content type could be more clear but only supported value in text/html is text/html could anyone check maybe newer version of gtkhtml2 have improvements in this? looks like #gnue-commits does not work atm ... ?! reinhard: what tool you use to edit .texi files ? vi ? :) vim, to be correct thx yes, johannesV is right what is the difference in tex and texi? can i use Lyx for .texi? i can install and try it of course, but if you say no, a don't do it :) I've never seriously used Lyx last time I've even stared it was IIRC 1999 so I don't know :) ok, np gedit might also have nice syntax highlighting for texi *** kilo has joined #gnuenterprise *** docelic has quit IRC *** docelic has joined #gnuenterprise *** psu has joined #gnuenterprise hi psu seems like you are getting back? :) I am on holiday this week I have a long list of jobs to do around the house but most of them are compatible with being on IRC even if my lag time is a bit long at times ;-) ok :) is it correct that win32 UI can't display pictures yet? *** johannesV has quit IRC *** johannesV has joined #gnuenterprise *** johannesV has quit IRC *** johannesV has joined #gnuenterprise anyone using common's adodbapi driver here ? johannesV: I think btami said once he used it to migrate old data we did and i suppose we will for accessing old foxpro databases and convert data from them reinhard: it can hm, ok ... maybe the new dbf driver will be enough, if it can handle cp852 coded dbf's then i'll write some behaviors for adodbapi then ... maybe (hopefully) we can use a single one for most providers .. btami: can it load the picture from a jpg file? the db field contains the filename dunno how would that filename have to be written? oh ok only bmp IIRC ah ok can try to convert maybe i'm wrong, it uses PIL johannesV: how can i give filters in connections.conf? sorry, real work... [appserver] comment = Connection to the GNUe Application Server aliases = hotline invoice pim provider = appserver rpctype = xmlrpc host = localhost port = 8765 transport = http loglevel = 0 authentication = yes username = gnue password = gnue base_company = demoa gl_year = 2005 is my appserver-section in connections.conf the last two settings define filters for gl_year and base_company filters great win32 forms uidriver not functional ? get a number of exceptions on startup (login-dialog?) thx johannesV np what is loglevel = 0 ? that one is obsolete ... lol ok anybody could check non-latin output in html frame in navigator? * btami is away: heh just goes to show, nothing ever dies on the internet just got an attempted "comment spam" from the news submission page I set up when I was gnue webmaster What's especially amusing is that it's almost useless for comment spam as it doesn't update anything just sends it to me & dneighbo for manual update which, needless to say, it isn't going to get note for jamest / whoever - I have now removed the form from this page http://www.gnuenterprise.org/news/submit.php In the unlikely event you ever need it back, it's still on sv.gnu.org somewhere bbl *** btami has quit IRC *** psu has quit IRC *** jamest has joined #gnuenterprise *** psu has joined #gnuenterprise the very first docs written for gnue were texinfo * psu has been around long enough to remember the Great LyX war of 2001 ;-) lol and docbook iirc that was part of the battle :) http://www.kerneltraffic.org/GNUe/gnue20011124_4.html#4 sigh that ages me jamest - note my website remarks earlier today in log and no, I didn't realise I still knew my ash ssh p/w either... *** btami has joined #gnuenterprise *** dcmwai has joined #gnuenterprise *** jcater has joined #gnuenterprise Good afternoon. hi rynik *** SachaS has joined #gnuenterprise btami: error while building reports package for windows is source file c:\gnue\bin\gnue-reports.exe does not exist do I have to install reports separately first? what error you get? source file c:\gnue\bin\gnue-reports.exe does not exist in inno what error you get with py2exe? inno makes only a big installer file from ready-made .exe .dll .pyd etc-etc yes, i understand this and py2exe is launched from within setup.cmd? yep *** johannesV has quit IRC *** yure has joined #gnuenterprise jamest, jcater, reinhard: If you accept my pokeing in the gnue-common/doc debris I would very much like some pointers. There is no need for a new flamewar, but I would very much like a format I can edit with a simple text editor, can output html (single and split), pdf and info and is a GNU standard (hope I didn't narrowed it down too much :) Please take some time to considder if you think the manual is to be continued. btami: the only related error i see that file report-filters.conf was not found and copied s/considder/consider dimas: i don't understand py2exe doesn't depends from report-filters.conf *** psu_ has joined #gnuenterprise rynik: if you like to use texi,just use it, it will not hurt anybody reinhard is a core developer and using it too btami: i've being installing gnue sources with gnue-common/install.bat rynik: maybe one will enhance the python script grabbing G*Parser.py content does it include reports? or reports should be installed separately? i have no install.bat, but my own setup.bat containing python setup.py install for all gnue-* ok, will reinstall and try later btami: thanks np *** psu has quit IRC btami, I already did the script grabbing G*Parser.py content to texi. the question is, can I replace Developers-Guide.swx and other files I see fit? i think so, but the original authors (jamest and jcater) will tell jamest? jcater? we have a volunteer, so your only choice is: YES :) I also have questions regarding front/back cover texts. What are they? Why don't we want them? I will have a look at www.gnu.org rynik: front/back cover texts are texts that *must* be printed on the cover of the documentation and *may never* be removed there are quite some practical disadvantages with that e.g. if you merge several documentations where each one has a front cover text you will need to print *all* of them where at some point you will need a 1m x 1m book cover :) OH, NO We dont want that! :) several people (including official debian position) regard GNU FDL as non-free (and thus inacceptable) license if front cover texts, back cover texts or invariant sections are applied I think this makes very much sense to apply if you write a *book* which you intend to publish as a book I purposedly choose to not use GNU FDL at all for appserver documentation but the docs you built on were GNU FDL so you have to stick to that (or get the explicit permission of jamest, jcater and docelic and whoever also contributed to the doc) on another note before you replace documentation, please make sure it is not referenced from anywhere else (hints.*.txt is, IIRC, referenced in several other - or at least one - INSTALL or Configure.txt documents) OK, good, I MUST join family for dinner. bbl you would replace it with what ? docbook ? texi Well, it's the same to me... ;) How could I say No ?:P I am not even a fish in gnue, I am a plankton :) lol anyhow, from the svn point of view, the OOo binnary format is very suboptimal I don't like any of the options, fwiw they all have bad disadvantages which options? (as opposed to good disadvantages, I suppose) OOo lets anyone write docs, even nonprogrammers but binary format is suboptimal and requires the person to have OOo texi and docbook require you to know those formats but are easily patchable surely.. I dont really know what's good choice.. I work on a large documentation set in DocBook XML, and I both made perl scripts that generate that .xml (from autogenerated parts and some of manually written parts) and a custom docbook layer.. But still, I'm not too happy with how docbook can be managed, and how long it takes to build the docs jcater: yes, I agree it's probably best to stick to how we handle it now: write no docs at all J/k I use structured text in house, but that has limitations reinhard, well, it has served us well so far! :) actually, I've moved to a wiki in-house that is serving us very well but of course has disadvantages (mainly, it's not under svn control) well, wiki also has a markup you have to learn, doesn't it? (and quite a stupid one) ;-) minimal one, yes I wasn't pushing for that for gnue, fwiw Did you evaluate POD? Anyway it depends what you want to do in the end.. if you want just a developer docs, then any format is more or less ok. If you want people to print the docs as material of longer-lasting value, and if you want to work on gnue's image, then docbook or something would be an option we got more feedback from the PDFs from OOo than anything we used before it just sucks when others want to send in additions/corrections in the docs I work on, html is primary material because that's what old docs were browsed in. For the new system, we said we need manpages for functions, and it must be possible to make PS or PDF output, where people could print it, read offline, and possibly write their notes on the paper output formats are irrelevant imho as all the source formats will get us to all those output formats except info? I'd say, texinfo has minimal markup... No, I'm not even start... Just want to say I find OOo so boring to work with. bbl *** docelic has quit IRC *** docelic has joined #gnuenterprise jcater! doc schmocks docs schmocks wow, there's a wiki jcater: how did you integrate that wiki into your site design? *** dcmwai has quit IRC gnue's wiki? *** wendall911 has joined #gnuenterprise yea I didn't even know it existed ;) heavily modified twiki's template files to use my designs twas the bitchiest part of doing the new site the search page is generating an ISE I blame derek haha who wrote all the verbage on the ERP packages? oh, even intergrated epydoc docs chillywilly, I don't recall who wrote the ERP stuff I guess I should get rid of that warning on the first page :) why? I found some broken links :) and the search page generates and internal server error :) an* cu all *** reinhard has quit IRC *** psu_ has left #gnuenterprise *** rynik has quit IRC *** bigbrother has joined #gnuenterprise *** bigbrother has joined #gnuenterprise *** btami has quit IRC *** rynik has joined #gnuenterprise jamest or anyone else, I had tis idéa. Documentation is in texinfo format. From texinfo we build wiki source Any changes in the wiki gets posted as a patch to someone and more or less automaticly converted to texinfo. What do you think? if you're making it editable via wiki, why bother with the texinfo format? You get proper versions with changes approved by someone in charge of the document. And you get the info tree of course. The thought was that it is not editable at its source but it makes it easy for anyone to contribute. *** mnemoc_ has quit IRC *** kilo_ has joined #gnuenterprise *** jamest has left #gnuenterprise *** docelic has quit IRC *** jcater has quit IRC *** mnemoc has joined #gnuenterprise *** yure has quit IRC *** kilo has quit IRC *** wendall_away has quit IRC *** jcater has joined #gnuenterprise *** mdean|work has quit IRC *** dimas has quit IRC *** SachaS has quit IRC *** jamest has joined #gnuenterprise *** dcmwai has joined #gnuenterprise *** dimas has joined #gnuenterprise *** dcmwai_ has joined #gnuenterprise *** dcmwai has quit IRC *** jamest has quit IRC *** jcater has quit IRC